Q: Does the Lockwood Fire District employ full time, career fire fighters?

A: Yes. The Lockwood Fire District has 3 shifts, each staffed with 4 full time, career fire fighters.  The Lockwood Fire District has 14 full time staff. We have a rotating fire fighter that covers vacations and days off. The Department is led by the Fire Chief.

Q: Why does a fire truck and ambulance respond on medical calls?

A: It enables us to provide more man power on the scene, and also allows us immediate response should another call be received.

Q: Does the Lockwood Fire Department have ambulances?

A: Yes, they have two that are staffed with licensed Paramedics. Lockwood Fire ambulances transport from the scene, to both local hospitals.

Q: How can I become employed at the Lockwood Fire department?

A: Please see under the “Employment” tab on our homepage.

Q: How can we schedule a tour of the station?

A: Call in advance telling us the day you would like to come visit. We will do the rest.

Q: What do firefighters do in a normal work day?

A: A daily routine is followed everyday at the fire station. This involves morning apparatus checks, cleaning, physical fitness, training, business inspections and of course, 911 calls for service.